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I am a current undergraduate student at Northeastern University, seeking a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I work on all sorts of different software projects, including mobile apps, websites, and Amazon Alexa skills. In my free time, I enjoy flying planes, and I am currently working towards my private pilot's license.

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Currently I am working two software development jobs. My first job is at EF Education First in Boston, MA. At EF, I work on the On Tour team, that is responsible for developing and maintaining the apps that both tour guides and tour travelers will use while they're on their tour.

My second job is at Bluefin Technology Partners in Worcester, MA. I primarily design and build Amazon Alexa skills using nodejs, develop full iOS apps, work on IoT projects, seek out potential customers, and research new programming techniques.

Boston Subway Companion

iOS/Android App

Boston Subway Companion is an iOS/Android app developed using Google's cross development framework called Flutter.

Boston Subway Companion is geared towards Boston residents who use the T (Boston's subway system) frequently. The app provides users with real-time updates of train arrival times, nearby stops, and the ability to create a commute between stops.

This app features JSON REST API parsing, event streams of data, Google Maps implementation, location services, and persistent data storage.

Radius by Turf Health

iOS App

Radius by Turf Health is an iOS App developed for Bluefin Technology Partners serving Turf Health as our client.

Radius allows for complete integration into the Radius database, which contains eye doctor, practices, tasks, and events, all relating to the CRM of eye doctors.

This app features JSON REST API parsing, image upload, CRUD functionality across over ten models, and advanced filtering and sorting options.

Earthquake Data Mapper

Android App

Earthquake Data Mapper was a personal project of mine, built using Google's mobile app framework, Flutter.

Earthquake Data Mapper allows you to keep track of current earthquakes, featuring a map view of all of the most recent earthquakes. You can also filter earthquakes based on your current location.

This app features JSON REST API parsing, Google Maps implementation, external package dependencies, and various types of list views for added user experience.

Pilot Log

Android App

Pilot log is an Android app built using the Java JRE for the backend, and xml for the UI interface.

Pilot log is built for pilots to allow them to log their flights on their smartphone. Users can see statistics on their flights, and a map of all of the flights they've done.

This app features a local SQL database, Google Maps implementation, a settings page, and a navigation drawer.

p5.js Projects


I have been working on a collection of minor projects using the p5 library of JavaScript, a visually oriented addon library. p5.js makes it easy to draw shapes on the screen, and make interactive web browser games.

Currently I have completed serveral projects, including 10Print, two player pong, an A* path finding demonstration, an airplane boarding simulator, an analog clock, single player pong, snake, space invaders, a sudoku solver, and a zombie survival game, with many more to come. All of these projects are available on Github.

Auto Transport

Amazon Alexa Skill

One of my work related projects at Bluefin Technology Partners included an Alexa Skill for Speed Star Auto Transport. This skill was built using a nodejs backend and a JSON I/O front end. It allows for users to get a quote on a car shipment or answer some frequently asked questions.

This skill features live email sending through Amazon's ses service, generating a contact form, and the ability to respond to various utterances.


iOS App

Routeen is an iOS app currently in development, built using Swift 4 and storyboarding.

Routeen is aimed at helping the user keep a daily routine they have, such as washing his/her face, and going to the gym. The app is based around the idea of a streak, which provides an incentive for the user to keep on their routine. The user must completed his/her routine every day else the user will lose the streak.

This app features CoreData implementation, current day/time retrieval, and management of multiple table views.

Fortnite News

Amazon Alexa Skill

Fortnite News is an Amazon Alexa Skill that further connects Fortnite players to the game. This skill was made using a node.js backend and a JSON I/O frontend.

It allows users to get the latest news about the game, ask if the servers are up/down, and ask for a drop location (a game element).

This skill features multiple REST API requests and JSON parsing.

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Last updated June 2019